Shangri-La Ulaanbaatar Hotel Review: The Best 5-Star Hotel in Ulaanbaatar

My honest review of the Shangri-La Ulaanbaatar, one of the city’s best 5-star hotels.

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There’s no doubt that the Shangri-La Ulaanbaatar is one of the best hotels in Ulaanbaatar.

It’s a place that I often find myself meeting friends, where I work out in the afternoon, and where I’ll treat myself to a spa treatment.

The room rates average around $250 USD but can be as expensive as $450 in peak season (July) and $150 in low season (January).

The hotel is centrally located in the city center, making it the perfect hotel for travelers who want to experience all that Ulaanbaatar has to offer. You can walk to just about everything by foot. Otherwise, taxis are always available and waiting outside of the hotel. Be sure to negotiate your taxi fare in advance – these drivers have been known to rip off tourists.

In this Shangri-La Ulaanbaatar hotel review, I’ll give my honest feedback about the hotel, from the location to the restaurants and amenities.

Where is the Shangri-La Ulaanbaatar located?

The Shangri-La is located in Ulaanbaatar’s city center, near Sukhbaatar Square and the Choijin Lama Temple and Museum.

The hotel is in walking distance to many of Ulaanbaatar’s best museums, restaurants, and bars. This includes some of my personal favorites, Veranda Restaurant, Fat Cat Jazz Club, Miso Ramen at Eatopia, Nitro B/Jack’s Coffee, Millie’s Espresso, and 976 Art Gallery.

Next to the Shangri-La Ulaanbaatar hotel, the Shangri-La Mall is one of the best places for shopping in Ulaanbaatar. The Shangri-La Fitness Center, a movie theater, Brussels Beer Garden, and the city’s smallest bar, Bitsy & Co., are also located here.

What amenities are available at the Shangri-La Ulaanbaatar?

The Shangri-La Ulaanbaatar is known for its amenities, including the Shangri-La Sports Club fitness center, swimming pool, and spa.

When I’m in Ulaanbaatar, you can find me at the Shangri-La Sports Club every single day. That’s how good it is. I like the space the club offers, the equipment is nice, and the locker room has a sauna and shower that’s become part of my daily routine.

Shangri-La Sports Club

One of the largest gyms in Ulaanbaatar, the Shangri-La Sports Club is popular with both locals and hotels guests. The fitness center is clean and spacious, with rows of treadmills, ellipticals, free weights, and weight machines. A spinning studio, Pilates room, and yoga studio, as well as a juice bar are also a part of the fitness center.

The 7,000 sqm fitness center is spread over two floors with changing rooms with lockers, sauna, steam room, hot tubs, and showers.

Even if you aren’t staying at the hotel, you can purchase a day pass to the gym for 62,000 tugrik. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Also, yes.

Shangri-La Swimming Pool

Inside the fitness center, a five-lane 25-metre indoor heated pool is one of the best parts of the fitness center.

Shangri-La Best Hotel Ulaanbaatar

Shangri-La Spa

The spa at the Shangri-La is not to be missed, especially after a long trip adventuring across Mongolia.

Expect a one-hour massage to cost about $30 USD. A small tip to your masseuse is also recommended.

Ask the front desk to help you book a time to relax at the spa. The facilities are clean and modern, and the staff professional, just like you’d expect from a five-star hotel.

What restaurants are in the Shangri-La Ulaanbaatar?

The hotel has three restaurants and a lobby lounge inside. All four dining options are top-notch, offering something for everyone.

The four restaurants inside the Shangri-La Ulaanbaatar Hotel are:

  1. Café Park Buffet Restaurant
  2. Naadam Bar & Restaurant
  3. Hutong Restaurant
  4. Lobby Lounge

I’ve eaten at all four restaurants in the Shangri-La Hotel Ulaanbaatar, and I can say firsthand the food is some of the best you’ll find in the city. I’m not usually one for hotel restaurants, but the Shangri-La isn’t any hotel, and these aren’t just any restaurants.

I highly recommend the hotel’s Chinese restaurant, Hutong, which offers a variety of traditional dishes and the best duck in town.

Café Park Buffet Restaurant

The ground-floor Café Park Buffet Restaurant is where you’ll eat breakfast during your stay at the Shangri-La Ulaanbaatar. The restaurant is spacious and the food options plenty. Come hungry.

Naadam Bar & Restaurant

Naadam Bar & Restaurant is located on the second floor. The restaurant has a bar, pool table, booth seating, and an outdoor patio. Go before the sun sets to snag a table outside, Naadam is popular with locals in the summer.

Shangri-La Ulaanbaatar Review

Hutong Restaurant

Hutong Restaurant is the hotel’s upscale Chinese restaurant. The duck isn’t to be missed, it’s one of the best dishes in town. It’s also what people come in daily to indulge in.

Lobby Lounge

The Shangri-La Ulaanbaatar’s Lobby Lounge is a popular place thanks to their afternoon tea service. It’s nothing overly sophisticated, but it’s still a nice experience and something different to do in Ulaanbaatar.

Plus, the Lobby Lounge is a great place for people watching. You’ll see locals in suits having meetings, foreigners reading maps, and friends catching up over tea. It’s great fun to sit here for hours and just watch as people come and go.

Room Review: What are the rooms at the Shangri-La Ulaanbaatar like?

Stepping into the rooms at the Shangri-La Ulaanbaatar, the first thing you notice is how spacious they are. Room sizes range from 42 sqm for a Deluxe Room, up to 84 sqm for an Executive Suite, or 226 sqm for the Shangri-La Suite.

All of the hotel’s guestrooms and suites overlook either Nairamdal Park and the Bogd Khan Mountains to the south or Sukhbaatar Square and the city panorama to the north. My preferred view is of Nairamdal Park and the mountains to the south.

The beds in the rooms are comfortable and there’s plenty of seating area. The bathrooms are marble and have heated floors.

Overall, the rooms are extremely clean and well-kept, making it a great option for those looking for a five-star hotel experience.

What is the price to stay at the Shangri-La Ulaanbaatar?

The room rates average around $250 USD. During the peak season (June to September) room rates can be as expensive as $450. During the low season (November to April) room rates can be as low as $150.

If you plan to stay at the hotel around Naadam, Mongolia’s big national festival, book your room as far in advance as possible.

Shangri-La Ulaanbaatar Hotel

Shangri-La Ulaanbaatar Review

Overall, a stay at the Shangri-La Hotel Ulaanbaatar is an excellent experience, regardless of why you’re visiting Mongolia.

From its central location to its ample amenities and fantastic food, this five-star hotel in Ulaanbaatar has it all.

Plus, their rooms are spacious and comfortable, offering views of the city that will take your breath away.

Not to mention the excellent service provided by their helpful and friendly staff members.

Find the best rate now and book a stay at one of the best hotels in Ulaanbaatar.

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