Mongolia Travel Guides

The best tips and advice for visiting Mongolia in 2024, including up-to-date travel guides, packing tips, budgeting advice, and your most common Mongolia travel questions answered.

Mongolia is one of the most fascinating places to visit in the world because it has it all. A fascinating history filled with even more fascinating stories relating to it’s ancient rulers and khans, traditions that date back thousands of years, and some of the most beautiful scenery you’ll find anywhere in the world.

This up and coming country really is a place deserving of all the travel hype surrounding it, and now is the best time to visit.

I hope that my Mongolia travel blog not only helps you plan the perfect trip to Mongolia, but I also hope that they’ll show you a different side to this incredible country. One that I love calling home.

Tsagaan Sar Tour

Mongolian Lunar New Year and Shambala Winter Tour 2025

Meet local families and spend Mongolian Lunar New Year learning the ancient traditions associated with this important holiday. Plus, travel to the Gobi Desert to Shambala and Khamariin Monastery to get a better understanding of Mongolian Buddhism, February 27–March 6, 2025.

Winter in Mongolia Travel

Winter in Mongolia: 7-Day Itinerary (+What to Budget)

With temperatures that drop below -30°C (-22°F), there are a few things you need to know about traveling to Mongolia during the winter season. Plus, I share my packing essentials to help you stay warm, even when it seems impossible.