How to Visit the Chinggis Khaan Museum in Ulaanbaatar

The newly opened Chinggis Khaan Museum is located behind Suukhbaatar Square and is open every day from 9:00 to 18:00 during summer months.

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After years of anticipation, including a groundbreaking ceremony held in 2020, the long anticipated Chinggis Khaan Museum has finally opened its doors to the public.

Covering more than 2,000 years of Mongolian history through a display of more than 11,000 artifacts – 92% of which are original – the museum aims to preserve and promote not only the country’s most famous emperor, but also his successors, and the development of the country and its people over the years.

The museum sprawls itself elegantly over eight floors, each floor covering a different period in history and a ninth floor domed area will soon be home to a VIP section where a Chinggis Khaan statue is in the progress of being made and imported from Italy (according to one of the museum docents).

The museum is located where the former Natural History Museum was located and is easily recognized thanks to the dome structure on the roof as well as the seals of the five Khaans of the Great Mongolian Empire (Chinggis, Ugedei, Guyug, Mönkh, and Arigböh) admirably marking the museum’s entrance.

The Chinggis Khaan Museum is a beautiful new addition to the city and is easily one of the best museums in Ulaanbaatar. A visit to the museum should be added to every traveler’s Mongolia itinerary.

Chinggis Khaan Museum Ulaanbaatar

What Exhibitions are at the Chinggis Khaan Museum in Ulaanbaatar?

The exhibitions inside the Chinggis Khaan Museum cover 2,000 years of history surrounding the Mongolian Empire. You can find artifacts that include clothing, saddles, deer stones, ger recreations, and more. Paintings and life-size khans make up some of the more interesting corners of the museum.

Other highlights include:

  • Mongolia’s Ancient States (Hunnu, Xianbei, Juan)
  • Ancient Nomadic States (Ottoman, Uighur, Hyatan)
  • Great Mongol State
  • Mongol Empire
  • Chinggis Khaan as well as other Kings and Nobles from the XIV to XX century
  • and a Mongolian Pride Hall

The artifact and display information are written in Mongolian (using Cyrillic letters), as well as Mongol bichig, the ancient traditional script written in vertical lines and read from top to bottom, left to right.

QR codes can be scanned to get additional information in English and Russian, requiring a phone and internet connection, if you’re interested in reading this information during your visit.

Guided tours in English are available Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm free of charge.

Genghis Khan Museum

Where is the Chinggis Khaan Museum Located?

You can find the location for the Chinggis Khaan Museum on Google Maps.

The museum sits behind Suukhbaatar Square and the Parliament Building and is on the same street as the Mongolian National Museum. The Fine Arts Zanabazar Museum, Central Dinosaur Museum of Mongolia, Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery, and State Opera and Ballet Academic Theater are also nearby.

Near the museum you also have plenty of cafes, restaurants, and bars for a pre or post-museum meal or snack.

Walk to the nearby Morning Street and have a healthy lunch at Route 22 or a bowl of pho at the Pho House or continue walking west and grab a coffee and sit outside at Ulaanbaatar Coffee Culture, a salad, pizza, nachos, or beer at Green Zone, or sushi at Dan Japanese Restaurant.

For more ideas on where to eat in the city, read our Ulaanbaatar restaurant guide.

How much are tickets to the Chinggis Khaan Museum?

Tickets are required for every person entering the museum, and you’ll need to scan them on the way in as well as on the way out. Basically, don’t lose it.

Ticket prices are 30,000 tugrik for adults, 15,000 tugrik for students, and free for children 0 – 16 years of age.

Note: The museum also lists a 20,000 tugrik price for families, but it’s unclear what that means or includes. We will update this information once we know more.

Tickets can be purchased from the self-serve kiosk or from the ticket counter. Coats and large bags can also be checked next to the ticket counter.

If you’d like to take photos inside the museum, a 20,000 tugrik photo ticket must be purchased.

The museum has elevators and escalators, allowing for visitors of all ages and ability to navigate their way through the museum with ease.

What are the museum's open hours?

The museum’s summer hours begin May 15 and end September 15. During this time the museum is open Sunday to Saturday 9:00 – 18:00.

The museum’s winter hours go into effect September 16 through May 14, when the museum is open Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 – 17:00 and is closed on Mondays.

For more information on visiting the museum, go to

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